Custom Baxter Stockman TMNT 2013 Action Figure

The Baxter Stockman figure in the new 2013 TMNT line was cast in a dark brown-metal color and needed a paint job. I also added ball joints to the ankles where they normally snapped on without motion. In the show his hands also pop off and sprout mouser heads, running around and attacking the Turtles. Here I opened up his arms and modded the hands to be removable too. The fingers were made of a waxy plastic and needed to be undercoated with Kleanstrip Bulldog Adhesive Promoter spray before the silver could be added. I gave Baxter Stockman's armor a bright silver finish, metallic red detail, and some sewer-battle-weathering. Then I tossed in a few mousers for him to control as well. Baxter Stockman is ready to take on the green brothers once again!

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