Custom Combat Armor Batman vs Superman action figure

Batman has always defended Gotham City from whatever the world threatens it with but what if something from beyond the earth is doing the threatening? He'll need some serious upgrades to take on a Kryptonian and after getting his hands on some of their armor from a downed transport Wayne Enterprises R&D team got to work. This custom Combat Armor Batman was created from a Movie Masters General Zod body with Batman gauntlets, belt, and breather-mask head from an Aptivity Batman figure. His cape was removed and a thrust propulsion backpack system made from fodder parts added for quick maneuvers. Batman's chest armor was sculpted using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and he was given a matte/gloss black armor scheme with gunmetal and other metallics. Batman can also wield his sonic cannon and augmented riot shield/knuckles. He also comes with an unmasked movie style head and the last ditch effort, some Kryptonite. STAY OUT OF GOTHAM CLARK. This is Batman's territory!

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