Custom 6" scale Toybiz Vintage 1989 Movie Batman figure

A blast from the past, the 1989 Batman movie figures from Toybiz were top notch back then. Here I've brought you an updated version of the classic zip-line-belt figure you owned as a child. This custom Toybiz Vintage style 6" scale Batman figure was created from the head/cowl/feet/armor/hands of a NES Batman, DC Collectibles Nightwing body, and DCU cape. A grappling belt was created from Dr Octopus claws and made so it can attach to the front of the larger zip-gun that the old figure had. The head was separated from the cowl and resculpted with a dual ball joint so Batman can look in any direction. One matte/gloss paint job later and you have an updated figure from your childhood! Now to get on making a new Bob the Goon...

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