Custom Batman Figure with folding cape

While browsing through the pegs at my local toy store I realized something; they like to give Batman all kinds of gimmicky action features. From electric riot-shields to chainsaws missiles it seems he's loaded with them. But you know what I couldn't find? A gimmicky Batman that was in 6" scale! Well I aimed to fix that by creating a Batman that had unobtrusive 'action features' and still fit in to a current 6" collection.

He's made from a Dark Knight Barman body with the belt removed, Cylon hands, armor added on his forearm and calves with a new set of forearm blades too. The head came from a DCD Armory figure. The cape is made from 12 different sections hinged on each shoulder that allow it to spread out or close behind him. The grappling gun came from parts of a TF Protoform Starscream.


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