Custom Batman the Dark Knight Action Figure

A good friend of mine that I use to work with requested me to make him a unique Batman figure and it was given to him as a gift (so no, he'll never be for sale) This is actually my first true custom of the Batman character. He was made from a DC Direct Superman/Batman series 2 head, DCSH Batman body, with the old Mattel utility pack and hands. He's almost entirely airbrushed along with his cape.

Speaking of the cape, it's a scaled down version of the Horizon Keaton Batman model kit cape and made from that thin clear vinyl. They sell the clear vinyl at any Walmart with a fabric section and there's large rolls of 3 different thickness for about $1.90 a yard. Heat it with a hairdryer and it becomes limp, forming any way you choose. Then it stiffens when it cools down and retains that shape. Very nifty stuff!

Batman Action Figure