Custom Bat Sentry Animated/DC Superheroes Figure

Here's a fun and easy custom to make, a Bat Sentry! It was made from a Shadowtek Electronic 'twin blasters' Batman figure. I opened up the shoulders and reworked the articulation so his biceps could swivel, then took him apart so I could change the faction symbols. Technically there's only two symbols, the Batman one and the Shadowtek one. However there's four 'click' spots so the symbols are duplicated. I erased three of the symbols and painted in new ones. One for the Green Lantern Corps in case Batman needed to aid the Corps, a 01 designation for the factory unit, the regular Batman symbol, and a mystery one! The head was removed and lowered/moved forward. I added some wheels to different points of the figure and painted the shoulders like a headlight grid to mimic the 'batmobile' design the Kingdom Come sentry had. The paint job is just a plain semigloss black with some gunmetal sections to break it up. You can pretty much use this figure in any DC comic character line from the Batman Animated series to the DC Superheroes/Universe line. It's easy to make too so grab the base figure while he's on sale!