Custom Knightfall Batman (The Dark Knight Rises movie style)

When I heard Batman The Dark Knight Rises movie was going to be the last of that series I thought of all the characters who could have movie designs done in that style. With Bane in the last movie who better to show up than Azrael/Jean Paul Valley in his Knightfall costume? I used a Movie Masters Batman body, ML Black Panther head (rough texture knocked down with Acetone) LCBH Darkness Hands, DC Universe Toyman neck piece, Azbats leg spines, and created the chest light using fodder parts/straps. Now Azrael was ready to avenge Batman and take down Bane! Will he show up like this in the new movie? Probably not, but now I'm wondering what other movie-style versions of Azrael could have happened!

Knightfall Batman figure

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