Custom 1:18 scale Bass from Megaman

"Cobra and Dr Wily were at it again, this time strip mining sections of the world with their massive machines in search for some element called "Bassnium". Our mission was straight out of the play books. We go in, disrupt their operation, and gain intel for our next strike. Minutes into the mission however we were attacked by an unbelievably powerful Reploid calling himself Bass. As it turns out he was leading the operation all along, collecting the new element to power himself and upgrade to the deadliest Reploid ever created. Now we have a new threat to deal with!"

A fan request many times over, Bass was created to fit into my GI Joe 'Alterverse' line with the rest of my Megaman characters. He was created from a RoC Snake Eyes body, lower arms and legs of a Black Ox Revoltech, head from an old Megaman Bandi figure with ears made from a Storm Shadow 2-pack's shoulder armor, and the cape from a VvV figure. His removable Megabuster came from a cannon-arms Astroboy and the chest/forehead piece was sculpted from Aves studios Apoxie Sculpt.

Bass Megaman

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