Custom Barricade Transformers Deluxe figure

Barricade was one I was really wanting to make and finally figured out a good way to rework his hands. I used ML 11 Ultron hands and attached them to yes, Doc Ock claw joints (a thousand and one uses folks!) embedding a rare-earth magnet in the back. Now they stick to the metal rivet discs that connect his tires and I removed the old fingers from inside the panel. His neck was reworked from a Gundam ball-joint and now has full mobility! His paint work was pretty simple, some drybrushing of silver, adding the dark purple, and other copper/grey detail effects. The 911 numbers were added in the proper places on the back via rub-on model lettering and Frenzy was repainted with steel drybrushed over black and his trademark blue eyes. Now Barricade has strobing red/blue lights!! I found this LED setup in a whistle at the 99c store. It PERFECTLY matches up directly under the lighbar right under the roof and doesn't get in the way of Transformation. All you need to do is unscrew the lightbar and drill out the holes a little larger to accomodate the LEDs. Even has an on/off switch! Check out the YouTube video of the lights below.