Custom Baron Ironblood of the Red Shadows!

Who’s Baron Ironblood? Well you’re staring at Cobra Commander, before he became the head of Cobra according to the lore of Action Force, the UK based counterpart of GI Joe here in the states! Baron betrayed the forces of the Red Shadows and went into hiding, changing his appearance to become Cobra Commander and start up Cobra. This custom was made for Broken Arrow Toy’s custom contest as I wanted to tackle a different look for the ex-leader of the Red Shadows like I did the Red Laser. He was made from:

Head: Microman Biomachine
Body: Xamot
Arms: Wild Bill
Upper Legs: Cobra Commander
Lower Legs: Xamot
Feet: Snake Eyes
Belt: Ripper
Chest harness: 2x Snake Eyes explosives pack strap
Coat: 21st Century German officer
Gun: Sgt Flash

Baron Ironblood