Custom Steampunk Bane (DC Universe Batman) action figure

"He is called the Bane of Blackmourne, a tyrant of swift mind with such strength to carry out the plans that spawn from it. Lifting a tank over one's head is an astounding feat. Knowing how to dismantle it while underneath, even more so."

Here I've created another DC Steampunk figure, Baron Bane! He's huge and heavy with the main body of a Walmart Avengers movie Hulk, Mecha Hulk lower arms/legs, War Hulk mask, Megablocks Halo backpack, and all sorts of steampunk-ish tubes, pistons, and vials. Different metallic effects, leather straps, and other fodder parts were used to detail him and he even comes with a banner that he can hold high into battle. Now Baron Bane seeks to bend the Brass Knight over his mechanized knee and add Gothaven to his growing territory! Steampunk Batman and Robin have their work cut out for them because there's even more villains on the way.

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Steampunk Bane

Custom Steampunk

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