Ash as 3 3/4" GI Joe Scale Figure

"Thrown through space and time by the powers of the Necronomicon one man now finds himself not in the past but far in to the future. Unknowable terrors stalk the battlefields, zombies, mutated creations from science gone awry crawl forth to devour anyone left alive. But over the screams of battle the rumbling hum of a single stroke chainsaw is heard. With only the goal of returning home burning in his mind Ash Williams must ally himself with the elite military team GI Joe in order to defeat this army of darkness. Hail to the king baby, because zombie combat will never be the same again!"

Here's Ash from Army Of Darkness... set in the future of Gi Joe?! Yep, he's a contest entry to Good To Go 'End of Days' custom contest. He was made from:

Head: Star Wars Comic 2-pack Antares Draco
Body and right arm: Battle Damaged Snake Eyes
Left Arm: Indiana Jones German Soldier
Left upper leg: Duke
Right upper leg: Cobra Commander
Lower legs: Cobra Commander
Feet: Beach Head
Chainsaw: Modded Ripper chainsaw.
Mechanical Hand: Destro

That's a lot of pieces! But he was a blast to make


Army of Darkness