Custom "Ascendant Master Chief" Halo 3 Figure

"The technological AI infection is spreading through the Spartan ranks turning brave soldiers into agents of destruction. Eventually Master Chief is infected by the mutated ranks but something unexpected happens... Cortana battles the virus within him, merging with John Spartan as he ascends to the next evolutionary level. Now equipped to battle both the infected and the Covenant, Master Chief has become the most powerful soldier in existance."

How's that for an intro? This custom figure was made from a McFarlane Halo 3 series 2 Master Chief with Superman Blue electrical flames taken apart and attached on to various parts of his armor. The visor ended up being clear yellow when I removed the paint and now it looks all bright with light showing through it. The removable energy hands came from a DC Direct OMAC and he was painted with some games workshop silver using tamiya clear blue over top, similar to my EVA Corrupt Spartan custom.

Master Chief