Custom Army of Two GI Joe scale action figures!

"Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios, two members of the Security and Strategy Corporation, are the best at what they do. Most mercenaries would run from the things they've seen but mission after mission these two battle it out in the thick of combat. Both are skilled mercs and proficient in ranged and melee forms of combat making them a lethal team. While it isn't Joe protocol to hire mercenaries to fight against Cobra, an unknown benefactor has contacted the SSC in behalf of us. Here's hoping Destro doesn't pay better!"

First off let me give a big shout out to Dave at Tri-Gate Creations for the headsculpts, they're probably the most detailed I've ever seen! The base bodies for the figures were both RoTC Sgt Flash with either Pit Commando right legs, Heavy Duty or Accel Suit upper left legs, and Halo armor parts added to the left sides. The front body armor/collars either came from Flash and parts of the comic 2-pack Beachhead or fodder. The feet were taken from the Neo Vipers and other Joes to match.

When it came to the paint jobs I really had my work cut out for me and went all out, even detailing the masks as accurately as I could from the screenshots. Rios and Salem are now ready to battle the Joes in 1:18 scale!

Army of Two figures

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