Custom Suit-of-Armor B.A.T. from GI Joe

"Destro keep a lot of expensive artifacts within Castle McCullen. Ancient tapestries, rare paintings, and archaic suits of armor line the stone walls. Except those aren't actual suits of armor, they're B.A.T.s in disguise! Programmed to remain perfectly motionless until an intruder enters, the Armored B.A.T.s stand like steel sentries throughout Destro's castle. Beware the giant axes they wield and also of the advanced laser weaponry they'll use in a pinch as well."

This figure was made from:

Head: Cobra BAT
Body: Megahouse Blassreiter import figure
Shoulder pads: Halo 3 Elite
Lower Legs: MARS Mecha
Battle Axe: Chap Mei figure

Cobra B.A.T.

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