Custom Transformers Arcee action figure

When I discovered my Movie 1 bike Arcee had breasts but were hidden under pipes and chest plating I raged. Then the TF Prime gives us an Arcee without lips or a chest. ARRRGH. So here's an Arcee that's not afraid to show off her ladylike features! She was created from the DotM Sideswipe figure with the arm swords removed and attached to the door panels. I used the original movie Arcee head with a slightly modded mouth and took the black corset design from it as well. Some fodder parts and styrene created her now quite apparent chest features. She was given some modded Topspin guns that she could hold or attach on to the removable roof-shield. Testors One Coat Lacquer metallic pink laid the basecoat and then her fine details were applied. Add some Autobot seatcovers (my favorite part, lol) and here's an Arcee that will finally turn heads in BOTH modes!

Transformers Arcee

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