Custom AoA Magneto

Here's a fan request that I've recieved through email and on every single message board, Age of Apocalypse Magneto! He was made from (you guessed it) a DCSH Superman body, Aves Apoxie Sculpt-sculpted helmet, collar, wrist/boot cuffs, and belt. The upper shoulder section of his cape is part of a Dr Strange cape and below that is a Moon Knight cape that's been integrated. The hair is white jewelry designer hemp cord that's been unbraided and trimmed. You can wet the hemp and pose it the way you want. When it dries it keeps the shape! The 'junk hand' is a leftover Sentinel hand with bolts and chain stuck to it. A little bit of airbrushing and there you have it, an AoA Magneto to be reckoned with!

Custom AoA Magneto Figure