Custom Marvel Legends Annihilus action figure

Annihilus shall spell your doom! This cosmic winged terror has plagued the Fantastic Four ever since they swiped his Cosmic Control Rod way back when and now he's meaner than ever. This Marvel Legends classic version of Annihilus was made from a Marvel Select Ultron base body with Dr Doom hands. The head/jaw is Ultron as well with Aves Apoxie Sculpt detail added. Modded Percy Jackson Hades' wings and a scratch made collar/shoulder pad/spines completed his look. He stands seven and a half inches tall and has a wingspan of 15 inches, the wings on double ball joints and able to move in any position. Annihilus' eyes and control rod are clear with reflective backing so they shine brightly when light hits them for a really neat effect. Cosmic energy effects came from the ever useful back flames of a White Lantern Flash painted with Tamiya clear yellow.

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