MotUC Ang-Larr figure, an original custom character creation!

"Brother of Ty-Daal-Ray and warrior of the Subternia Oceans the mighty Ang-Larr can dive to amazing depths to find treasures and minerals to aid their kingdom. He lights the depths with a small dangling appendage but watch out, Ang-Larr can create a powerful flash to blind his enemies during battle! With claws, fins, and a taste for adventure, Ang-Larr is always scale-deep in trouble. Never ones to back down Ang-Larr and Ty-Daal-Ray tak the fight to Hordak himself when the Subternia oceans were threatened!"

Another original concept character creation for the Subternia series, Ang-Larr was created from a Ssssssqueeze body, Mer-Man feet, ML Toxin lower arms, TMNT Fish-face head, Hydron backpack, and sculpted detail. Like Ty-Daal-Ray I went for a tech wetsuit look and airbrushed shading over his scaly form.

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