Custom Mass-Shifting AllSpark Cube Transformers Diorama

Not one for doing dioramas anymore (because I use to make them all the time for a hobby shop I worked in) usually I stick to just the figures and their accessories. Well... until now. Once I saw the awesome scene in the Transformers movie where Bumblebee reaches out to the AllSpark, then the whole thing mass-shifts down to a tiny cube... well that blew me away. So I had to make it!

The AllSpark was made with a series of wooden blocks carefully fitted together, sanded, and seams apoxie-sculpted flush. Unfortunatly the large/med pine blocks were too soft to cave without leaving splintering everywhere (the tiny blocks are made of an oak and carve better into my 'SmallSparks') so I opted just to pratice my painting skills. The AllSpark was basecoated with hammered copper, weathered with black ink, armored steel, bright copper, and slime green for corrosion. I then highlighted it with a mix of greys and steel. After that came detailing all the strange runes, symbols, and scratches on the cube. The base was created from a Realm of the Claw stone base and I used Aves ClayShay to make the rock formation the AllSpark sits on. I then buried rare earth magnets into two sides and into the ends of the power conduits (Matrix Sentinel arms from the Real World Neo base and Omega Red tendrils) so they would hold the AllSpark on the base securely until you wanted to take it off. It makes a great paperweight off the base and the whole thing stands about ten and a half inches tall. Enjoy!