Custom Green Lantern Corps

Check out the newest Green Lantern recruit Alien 51, a galactic science officer of the highest ranking until his home world was destroyed by a supernova. Now chosen by the Green Lantern Corps this permanently annoyed alien uses his knowledge of extraterrestrial technology to aid them in their fight against evil. Alien 51 was made from a Ratchet and Clank 'Zoni' head, DCU Green lantern body (any of them really) and Spawn creech bendy hair tendrils for his arms/legs. The weaponry are random laser guns painted to look like GL constructs and the whole muscle-suit design was inspired by Earthworm Jim. Alien51's backstory is that he's self conscious about looking like a slimy space-squid and wanted to appear more like his humanoid teammates. Hence the muscle suit glove/boot colors of his tentacles as well. I even sculpted a little Power Ring on his tentacle!

Alien 51

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