Custom 'Black Airachnid' Transformers Prime action figure (jet mold)

It turns out the actual Transformers Prime Arachnid toy was pretty terrible and nothing I tried could save her from being a pile of jointed polygons. So I did what any customizer would do in this situation, kept her head and tossed the body. Airachid would soon be reborn as 'Black Airachnid'. To do this I used the Beast Hunters Starscream mold and trimmed down most of the body spikes, wing hooks, and hollowed out more of the inner chest. Airachnid's head was modded to fit and suddenly the figure started to look more and more like her. She's a jet in this format and I still needed to incorporate the spider aspect. Using Cliffjumper's hammer body and some Star Wars Spider assassin droid legs I created a drone that could be plugged onto her back to show the legs in robot mode and act as a separate robot scout when she was in jet mode. Now Black Airachnid is perfectly suited to pose along with the other bots on my shelf!

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