Custom MotU Classics "Air-Ro" the Wind Raider Pilot

Who's this? Is it an original character? Sort of... You see back when He Man figures first came out you got a large Grayskull art poster showing all the characters and vehicles on it locked in an epic battle. Well the Wind Raider, that green and yellow personal jet was smack dab in the middle. You know who was flying it? Well we don't know either! There's a guy with a blue head (or perhaps helmet) piloting it that was never made a figure. Kids everywhere wondered who he was.

Wonder no longer for I have given him a name, Air-Ro, captain of the Whirling Guard! Based off the upper-half seen on the poster art he was made from a Zodak body, custom sculpted head, Skeletor feet, and an animated goblin glider that serves as a removable wing-pack. He was painted with Formula P3 paints by Privateer press and turned out pretty accurate to the art. I had to make up the bottom part of him as I went along of course but hey, if Mattel ever makes a new Wind Raider it will finally have it's pilot!

Wind Raider Pilot

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