Custom G2 style Cyberjet Air Raid Transformers Figure

Do you remember those brightly colored G2 Transformers Cyberjets? They're still ranked up there as extremely articulated figures for the time and I use to have them all. Here's my take on Air Raid, the black stealth plane. He was made from a Hunt for the Decepticons Terradive and Power Core Combiner Leadfoot commander head. LF's head has the perfect T-visor that the Cyberjets had and it's even yellow. His torso was modified so it doesn't flip around and fold, rather carving plastic out of the way so it sits flush in front. I airbrushed the odd blue shading on the back of his wings like the original had and detailed him up with metallics and blue styling. Now Air Raid is ready to take to the skies and fight the Decepticons!

Transformers Air Raid

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