Custom Air Man Robot Master figure from Megaman

"With a blast of air the battlefield was practically swept clean as tanks and infantry went flying. What on earth could cause such winds? We soon found out. One of Dr Wily's most powerful Robot Masters appeared, Air Man. So far our land, sea, and especially our air forces are grounded due to this blowhard until we find a way to throw a wrench in to that fan of his."

This figure was made from:

Upper body: Animated Wolvie Colossus sans head with sculpted eyes.
Arms, lower legs: Astro Boy Peace Keeper
Upper legs/waist: Accelerator Suit Snails
Fan/housing: Scratch built styrene sheeting
Fan motor: Nokia cellphone vibration motor
Wind Gust: DCU Red Tornado

Air Man

After weeks and weeks of this fellow being requested, here he is, Air Man! And yes the fan really spins. You can check it out here:

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