MotUC original custom character Aikidor, Right Fang of Raknus!

Often heralded as The Right Fang of Raknus, Aikidor is one of the most powerful Arachna from the underground. He was last seen alongside Jitsu during the Battle for Gretori Bridge cocooning victims and hanging them from the pylons to serve as a warning. An explosion threw Aikidor from the bridge and he was thought dead, but a quickly spun webline had saved his life. After a day spent climbing up from the seemingly endless chasm below the battle was over when Aikidor finally emerged. With his mastery of talon-to-claw combat this Arachna warrior vows vengeance against those who made him miss out on the glory of battle that would have been his!

Aikidor was created using the lower half of an amazing NECA Spider Gremlin with the center leg sections removed, MOTUC Webstor head/arms, 9th Kingdom armor sections and sculpted armor, and DC Universe new 52 Darkseid body. A series of washes and blending helped bring the red, green, and yellow colors together with a Jitsu themed armor look.

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