Custom Agent Venom Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends figure

When the Walgreens exclusive Agent Venom hit he was a huge hit. Being such a popular character I decided to 'super deluxe' him here being more of an upgrade to the original figure than a full custom. Agent Venom has been repainted from head to toe such as glossy shell-armor sections with grey highlights, full belt gear paint work, and filled in joint holes for a seamless look. His right hip holster has been replaced with a working tactical one (original had a molded in place gun) and his belt knife sculpt replaced with a working sheathe. Two additional heads were crafted, the unmasked Thomson one from a Steve Rogers with sculpted hair and a symbiote venom face. More weapons were included as well as an extra back tendril which serves to hold them all like a 'weapons rack' behind him! Now this is an Agent Venom that deserves to be in the front of your collection.

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