Custom Avengers Movie Agent Phil Coulson Marvel Legends Figure

Agent Coulson is an important part of the Avengers team and along with Widow really needed a 6" studio figure. After finding Harvy/Wayne movie master figures on sale I knew what I had to do. His arms and legs are Marvel Legends Professor X limbs grafted onto the existing DC buck to give him double-jointed motion. Any good agent is going to need to dodge blasts from super villains and I kept the toe joint too. His head/hair was resculpted and facial features dremelled down. Coulson's earpiece and ID tag were added along with a SHIELD communicator. I printed out tiny vintage Captain America trading cards that you can actually read and laminated them. Coulson's Shield ID badge was done the same way with actual print and a picture. His Destroyer Rifle was made from a whole slew of fodder parts piece by piece and given a glowing paint job.

Agent Phil Coulson

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