Custom Marvel Legends Ultron figure from

The Age of Ultron is in full swing so here's a custom Ultron Marvel Legends figure based on the six-armed teaser custom we saw at the SDCC 2013 in the Marvel Universe diorama. Three Iron Man Legends Ultron figures were needed (or one Ultron and two Titanium Man figures as they share the same limbs) with the new limbs attached to his back, different style revoltech hands added, additional Modeling Support Goods ports added, spines, spikes, and the lower legs from an old Toybiz Marvel Legends Ultron. I was even able to find the back piece the SDCC custom used, the wrist gauntlet of a 5" Spiderman movie Scorpion and attached various extra hoses to him. A few blast effects, energy blade accessories, and detailed metallic paint job later, Ultron is ready to wipe out humanity once and for all!

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