Major Dutch Schaefer from Capcom's AvP Arcade Game

"Major Dutch Schaefer is a cyborg created to fight extra-terrestrials. He lost his right arm in the 2nd Alien war and has since had it replaced by a smartgun rig. He lives only to avenge himself against the aliens along side his partner Lt. Linn Kurosawa. Once teamed up with a trio of Predators to help rid the earth of the Alien menace, Major Schafer now uses his cyborg strength to help the Joes fight against a threat closer to home... the forces of COBRA!"

Parts used:

Head: Modded general Hawk
Body: Copperhead
Legs: Firefly
Right Arm/backpack: Armored Core figure/fodder
Shoulderpad: Iron Man movie fig

Major D. Schaefer

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