2's Company custom GI Joe figure set

"Two of the most dangerous men alive, the members of 2's Company are brothers to the end. Both trained in multiple forms of ranged and hand to hand combat their extensive military backgrounds give them the skills they need to assassinate their target anywhere around the globe. Preferring the harsh mountains and vast forests where survival skills are needed, the two brothers keep a low profile in the most remote areas until a job comes calling. Then it's an all out firefight until the target is eliminated!"

These figures were made from:

Head: RoC Sgt Flash unmasked
Body: Accel Suit anyone
Arms: RoC Shipwreck
Upper legs: 25th Snake Eyes
Lower legs: 25th Starduster

Head: TrigateCreations.com custom headsculpt
Body: Accel Suit anyone.
Lower arms/legs: RoC Heavy Duty
Webgear: City Strike Snake Eyes

2's Company

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