Jin's 'make my deviantID contest' entries!

Hello and welcome my friends to the first Art Contest for deviantArtists! There's a ton of awesome talent out there and I'm constantly being impressed by what I see on the deviantArt site. The thing is I can't draw. It's not just like I'm saying, "Gee, I suck at drawing." the fact is my brain processes things differently. I can sculpt and design things with my hands if it's 3D and I can touch it, but my brain cannot turn that same picture in my mind to a 2D form on a flat surface. So what's a guy to do? Hold some contests for the people who have that wonderful ability and make it fun!

This time around I requested that the artists create a 'deviantID' which is kinda like an ID badge (or anything really) that artists put on their page to help distinguish themselves and show off their skills. The rules? Make it look like Jin