Who the Hell is Cabal, and Why is He in the Star Wars Universe??

Name: Cabal Verlian
Species: Human, male
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Height: 6' 8
Weight: 310 lbs, fully armored
Homeworld: Coruscant
Affiliation: Unknown
Whereabouts: Unknown

Ok, right now you're thinking, "I don't remember seeing this guy in the comics, books, and definatly not the movies..." and you'd be right! Cabal is my character that I made up and played in the Star Wars Role Playing Game many years ago. My friends and I would sit around and hold gaming sessions with just our imagination and paper. It's like Dungeons and Dragons, but Star-wars based instead. The game itself was very popular, and you can still find the manuels and even the Beginners Pack that comes with the free action figure at most bookstores like Waldenbooks. Now that I've explained that, it's time to explain who Cabal is and start his story. Keep in mind all the things you are about to read actually "happened" in our many Star Wars RPG campaigns, each character has a written background (and was played by a different person in our group), and the storyline played out over many a pizza and 2-liter of soda.

Part One

From a very young age, Cabal wanted to become a bounty hunter. He'd read the holopages every morning at his Coruscant home about fearsome bounty hunters that tracked down "rebel scum", and lived the high life paid in Imperial Credits. He'd read on and on about their daring adventures to distant worlds, space battles, and even met one in person (well, he claimed to be a bounty hunter, somebody-Fett as Cabal recalled). As Cabal grew into his teenage years, he'd spend hours working in the back part of his father's speeder shop. Cabal spent entire days were spent tinkering with spare parts and devices he had borrowed, bought, and sometimes stole from the annoying Toydarian junk dealers. Spare parts were never in short supply around the lower sections of Coruscant where he lived. Sometimes Speeders would come crashing into the streets below and left for hours until the authorities arrived to investigate, plenty of time for scavengers to strip the machines clean. Cabal would read his father's machine shop holos, learning all about how things worked. He would head down to the Imperial Archives and spend all day reading over how armor was designed, and how blaster gasses mixed to form explosive bolts. Then back to his father's shop Cabal would go to continue his work in secret. He continued on with this until about age 20.

After almost three years of preparing, Cabal was ready to head out to seek his fortunes. He had won a basic power-suit from a Speeder bet and modified it to be an armored flight suit of sorts. It added a good eight inches to his height, after all a regular-sized man wouldn't be all that terrifying to a wanted criminal. Cabal had sealed the suit up to withstand severe planetary conditions and possibly even outer space. Since it was made from a power-suit, the enhanced servos gave him better than average strength and allowed him to run and jump greater distances. Cabal had armored each section of the suit from front to back, using the lightest and strongest armor he could salvage. The armor could withstand at least three blaster shots from normal range, Cabal had tested this to make sure (and gone through two sets of armor in the process). The suit's helmet housed the most of the expensive gadgetry Cabal had purchased.....and stolen. Thermo-optic display, life-force-tracking sensors, broad base jamming unit, and comlink scanner were just some of the devices integrated into the suit's helmet. One device in particular was very hard to come by: a reflex-linked-sub targeter. This device controlled tiny actuators in the suit that helped Cabal's aim zero-in on whatever target he was looking to shoot at. Cabal had installed a small repulsorlift unit on the back of the suit instead of the cheaper, yet noisier rocket packs that were all the rage nowadays.

Armed with a modified Blastech heavy Blaster at his side and his power-"armor", Cabal set out to the Imperial Detention Center for information on some of the outstanding local bounties. After searching through the database for a few minutes, he came upon a new entry. The bounty's only name was a listed nickname "Kitty", and was classified as a female Fergal. Apparently "she" and her crew were some sort of self-professed Space-Pirates that frequently ransacked commercial freighters that passed through the trade route to Coruscant. Her partially listed crew included a creature of an unknown reptilian species named Ssnarg, a Drecian named Dragon, and a human named Miles MacKrafty. The Imperials were never able to get close enough to capture the rag-tag band of Pirates, but then anyone smart enough to pilot a speeder could see a garrison of white-clad Stormtroopers coming a mile away. They were known to frequent ports around Coruscant, and word was they were looking to hire on crew. After acquiring the official licenses for these particular bounties (after a bit of chucking from the Imperial Officials there) Cabal set out to search some of the seedier outer ports in lower Coruscant. What kind of name is "Kitty" anyways? Maybe that was why the Imperials were laughing...

Cabal carefully leaned over the rooftop he was watching from, and peered down at the entrance of the spaceport. This spaceport in particular was known for being a bit more "edgy" than the rest, for smugglers and worse frequented it. It was also the last one on the list, and it’s always the “last” one in any case. Cabal decided discretion would be the best policy here and draped a large robe over his shoulders. His homemade armor wasn't marked, but anyone dressing in strange armor would most likely be labeled as a bounty hunter. Silently Cabal descended into an alleyway via his suit's repulsorlift and walked up to the port entrance. It was more like a bar than a port, for drinks and dancing greeted him as he walked into the main room. Cabal took a seat at the nearest barstool and ordered a drink. "I hear there's someone looking for crew around here." Cabal said in his best I'm-a-dangerous-outlaw-type voice. The bartender leaned over and nodded saying, "Yessir, over there at the back table, there's a group lookin' for crewmembers to do some kind o' work. But the captain, she's a strange one, non-human and furry to be sure. I donna know if yer lookin' to work under a xeno, but you can talk to her. Word has it she's dangerous tho', so watch yer tongue."

Cabal nodded, and strode towards the table in the back. As he approached the patrons seated at the only table far in the back, he instantly recognized one from the bounty profiles. It was that Fergal named Kitty! She was all alone at the table however, and Cabal made it no closer than five feet from the table when two large reptilian arms grabbed him from behind! "Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in..." Kitty remarked, looking up at Cabal with a grin. "Ssnarg, be a good boy bring him a little closer. Search him for weapons too, we wouldn't want anyone troubling us tonight." Cabal looked around to see two more figures coming in closer from the shadows...tonight was about to get interesting.

Part Two

Well, it's only natural for someone to get the drop on a bounty hunter at some point in his career Cabal thought, and it wouldn't happen again. Suddenly the sound of breaking glass and a thundering of footsteps interrupted Cabal’s thoughts. “All of you there! Disarm yourselves and surrender to Imperial custody!” a voice bellowed as a garrison of Imperial Stormtroopers circled in on the group. “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!” Cabal yelled at the Imperials as Ssnarg released him. “This is MY bounty, what did you all do, follow me here??”

“Well, yes, actually”, remarked the lead Imperial officer. “It saves us the trouble of paying the likes of you. Now if you’ll please step out of the way, we have some pirates to apprehend.” Now this wasn’t how it was suppose to go. This was down and out cheating, and he recognized the Imperial Officer as the one at the Detention Station that was chuckling as he left earlier. Cabal looked over at Kitty and her three comrades, then back over at the Imperials closing in. Beneath his helmet, his eyes grew narrow…

“You know you’re right, you should save your credits for your pilot’s license.” Cabal said, holding out his hand to the Imperial officer’s chest.

“What are you talking about? I don’t fly, get out of my way.” The Imperial officer replied.

“You do now.” Cabal said with a smirk, quickly grabbing the officer and activating his repulsorlift unit. Cabal shot out into the garrison of Stormtroopers and flung the officer into their midst, sending the whole group reeling back! Kitty looked over at Ssnarg, who shrugged and quickly kicked over the table in front of them. The other two members of Kitty’s team quickly reacted for action. The cloaked figure pulled out something cylindrical and shiny from his waistband as a glowing blade extended from the device with an eerie hum... while the other dived under the nearest table and kept his head down.

Cabal drew out his blaster and bashed the pommel into the stormtrooper in front of him, kicking another out of the way. “So this is how the Imperials do business?!?” Cabal yelled, pulling a trooper to his chest who conveniently absorbed the volley of blaster bolts coming Cabal's way. “I’d rather deal with the Rebels!!” And the fight began! Kitty and Ssnarg fired away from behind their table while the cloaked figure rushed forward into the fight.

“Is this guy suppose to be on our side?!” Miles MacKrafty yelled, deflecting blaster bolts with his lightsaber from the remaining Stormtroopers that had took up positions and started to fire back.

“I don’t think so! He just said we were his bounty!” Kitty yelled back.

“Then why the hell is he fighting the....” Miles was cut short as a blaster bolt blew a chair up beside him, sending him to the floor. Cabal reeled around and hoisted another trooper into the air, his power suit giving him the ability to lift much more than humanly possible. He flung the trooper into some tables and repulsorlifted backwards, firing his blaster at the Stormtroopers. Cabal landed next to Miles and ducked a stray shot, quickly dragging the stunned Jedi behind the table Kitty and Ssnarg were fighting behind. Cabal peered over the table and fired another few shots off before turning back to look at the three. “You know for the first day on the job, this isn’t going how I had expected.” He said.

Ssnarg glared down at Cabal and said, “Then perhapsss you’d bessst quit while you’re ahead.” Kitty nodded in agreement. “Besides, you’re kinda screwed now, you can’t just assault a group of Imperials and get away with it here on Coruscant!” Kitty remarked. Her words rang true among the blaster fire, and he was just beginning to realize the Imperials weren’t exactly the caring, governing type he had figured them for. “We need to get out of here…” Miles said, regaining his senses. “And someone grab Lord Boric, the coward is hiding under a table as usual!” Indeed, the fourth figure in Kitty’s group was still hiding under a table. He was a short human dressed official-looking attire, and holding a data pad over his head, as if that would help deflect any incoming blaster fire.

They were all in the back of the spaceport, and the only exit from there was past the ten or so Stormtroopers who were putting up a decent fight. Cabal dropped back down and grabbed both sides of the heavy table. “When I give the word, you all charge forward and follow me!” he said.

“What?! Into the group of Stormtroopers in front of us? “Why on earth would we do that?!” Miles yelled at Cabal.

“Because I’m taking your cover.” Cabal replied, jamming on his suit’s repulsorlift. “Now!” Cabal thrust forward with the table in front of him, closing the space between the Stormtroopers in a second’s time and crashing into the group! White armored bodies went flying as Kitty, Miles, and Ssnarg (who took a second to retrieve Lord Boric from under the table) dashed after Cabal as he skidded into the main lounge on the makeshift battering ram. The group rushed outside as Kitty quickly took a look around.

“We need to get to my ship, and NOW! This place will be crawling with Imperials any minute. We, YOU, made enough noise back there to wake up half the block!” Kitty said, pointing at Cabal. Ssnarg nodded his head and angrily peered at the ex-bounty hunter. “Well I could of just left you all there to be captured or worse!” Cabal yelled back. “But you were going to try and capture us in the first place!!” Lord Boric chimed in from underneath Ssnarg’s arm.

“Now is not the time to discuss this.” Miles said, grabbing Kitty and hauling her in the direction of the spaceport’s landing pad. “He did save my life back there, so he’s coming along for the ride.” The conversation was suddenly interrupted by the sound of blaster fire coming from across the street as the back-up group of Imperials came into view. Cabal dashed after Kitty and her group as they made their way through the line of ships. He looked up and ooooooo’d as they stopped at a large, modified starship that originally started out as a police vessel. Cabal’s sensors picked up movement behind them, and he quickly spun around. Imperil Stormtroopers would be rounding their section of the landing pad any second. “It’ll take a minute to get the StarBurst ready for takeoff!” Kitty said, “Buy us some time!”

“Understood.” Cabal replied, taking aim at the approaching Imperials. Miles and Ssnarg readied their weapons and took up positions next to the StarBurst. “Holy….” Miles exclaimed as he watched the Imperials march up . There were at least five full divisions being escorted buy a detainment vehicle and two speeders. “Ok, thisss is going to get very bad, very fasssst.” Ssnarg remarked. Cabal didn’t move though, and stood directly in the middle of the landing pad. He relaxed his aim, and let his reflex-linked-sub targeter kick in. Instead of aiming at the Imperials, Cabal shifted his aim over at the refueling station twenty feet away and zoomed in with his helmet’s optics. 10%, 25%, 70%....there, the fuel port. Cabal fired off a single bolt from his modified heavy Blaster, and the shot disappeared down the port. The entire landing pad shook as the refueling station exploded, tearing an enormous fiery gash across the pad and cutting off the Imperials from view completly! Kitty fired up the engines as Lord Boric completed the lift off cycles and yelled “Everyone inside!!” over the external speakers. Ssnarg, Miles, and Cabal rushed up the StarBurst’s ramp as the starship began to lift off. Cabal peered down at the flaming wreckage of the spaceport as they lifted off into the atmosphere, the remnants of his bounty-hunting career gone awry. He sighed from underneath his helmet and turned around to see Kitty and her crew, all with their arms crossed, looking at him.

“It’s time we had a talk now.” Kitty said……

Stay tuned for part Three!