CASE Files Code of Conduct

Please carefully read this CoC before asking to have your auctions hosted, as you must agree to all terms and conditions presented here.

As a member of the C.A.S.E. Files…

1. I understand that I have joined a community of customizers and am willing to conduct myself in a manner that will reflect in a positive way.

2. I understand that I am responsible for my conduct and agree not to publicly demean or insult the work of other customizers regardless of their affiliation or attempt to negatively affect the sales of other customizers selling through EBay or elsewhere. This includes public forums, EBay correspondence, email correspondence, personal blogs, or within an auction description.

3. I will sell customs honestly and not violate any of the rules and regulations set forth by EBay Inc. This includes, but is not limited to: shill bidding, false advertising of a product, attempt to deceive a buyer, failure to provide the item after payment has been made, etc.

4. I understand that my custom auctions will be seen by the general public including those under the age of 18 and may not include products that display: pornography of any kind, gore and dismemberment of an extreme nature, racial/hate crime themes, or child endangerment themes. If a custom contains nudity done in a tasteful way, the image must have a black band covering the exposed genitalia or be placed in the proper adult section of EBay’s listings that restricts viewers under the age of 18. Questions pertaining to whether a piece violates these standards should be sent to before listing in an auction.

That's about it and it pretty much states common sense. Don't post inappropriate customs, treat others with respect, and don't violate EBay rules. This CoC protects both you and me.

You'll notice the COC has been updated and reflects the changes put fort in EBay's links policy. You are no longer required to have a banner or link to the CASE Files in your auctions. You are definatly encouraged to put one on your website/blog, but the CASE Files is pretty well known at this point.