Brick Ninja!

Heheh… where do I begin? Brick Ninja was originally a joke character that I came up with to taunt certain members of with after they labeled me the 'Rob Liefeld' of customizing by plagiarizing comic and video games with my customs. Their statement was pretty silly since people customize their favorite superheroes through fan art and custom figures all the time. So I photoshopped pieces of character images together and came up with the Brick Ninja, claiming I could market him as an original character! This statement caused a fury of posts at the Fwoosh as members called for my blood, so bad that the owner actually had to shut the site down for a bit to clean it up. And so the legend of Brick Ninja began. The ‘rough idea sketch’ is actually the very photshopped pic I did years ago.

So why did Brick Ninja resurface to appear at RTM’s CustomCon 16? The original idea was to make some Fwooshers into customs because I was active there and posting my customs. One day I came back from town to log on and find myself banned. It seems you can't just give away your customizing secrets to anyone at the Fwoosh and the old timers had a problem with me doing so. The Mods found it easier to ban one person rather than control the rowdy mob. I cut my losses and scrapped the project. Then I thought hell, why let a bunch of idiots ruin a good thing? April Fools day was right before the CustomCon release (April 2nd-6th) and how perfect would it be to mirror some of the more annoying members/Mods of the Fwooshnet who had been on my back all those years. So I created a Tick-like theme with a clunky superhero/sidekick and odd-villains to torment him using what I knew of the members. Atomi-Jones is of course an anagram for my name Jin-Saotome and off went my submission to the CustomCom16.

Below is the ‘press release’, pics, bios, and such that I entered. HUGE props to my bud David Willis of for doing the Brick Ninja logo for me! Pure kickassedness.. is that even a word?

Ninja aren’t just mammals anymore!

Atomi-Jones Productions presents Brick Ninja, the world’s newest stone-powered superhero! This inaugural six-character action figure line features the superhero Brick Ninja and his little pal Mortarmer versus the members of the F.L.U.U.S.H. (that’s Felonious Lethal Underlings Usurping Super Heroes) Each figure stands approximately six inches tall and features multiple points of articulation, a detailed paint job, accessories, and a piece of the Build-A-Figure Paboobooboo-a-boo The Ancient One. Break the window of normality with a Brick Ninja action figure today!

Brick Ninja and Mortarmer

Mild mannered mason Eddie Cobblestone soon discovered he had gained the power of brick and mortar after being bitten by a radioactive brick while walking home from work one day. Donning whatever he could find laying around he dubbed himself Brick Ninja, protector of city structures and of course the general populace that lived within them. Laying down the foundation for freedom isn’t easy however, but joined by the biting radioactive brick named Mortarmer, Brick Ninja fights too keep Magnutz and his F.L.U.U.S.H. minions from creating collateral damage any way he can! (This figure features a razor-sharp sword, Mortarmer sidekick, and abrasive action)


Unsatisfied with simple online criminal activity, Magnutz always had an attraction for the larger scores. Using stolen scientific equipment from hacked EBay auctions, this bi-polar villain devised a powerful magnetic suit hoping to mimic the powers from his favorite supervillans. Using his magnetically-shielded laptop to monitor all of the city’s police activity, (and to download Terri Hatcher images) Magnutz leads the F.L.U.U.S.H. on various crime sprees to steal the lost gems and raise Paboobooboo-a-boo the Ancient One from his eternal slumber! (This figure features a powerful overhead electromagnet, sparkly lost gems, and oversized bootcuffs)

Maxzim de’ MaxEmo

There’s a one-man wrecking crew in town and his name is Maxzim de’ MaxEmo! Well actually his name was just plain Max, that was until he took untested, genetically altering steroids while trying to win a bodybuilding competition at South Beach. Both his body and mind changed, blessing Maxzim with incredible strength and incredibly tormented emotions. Soon Maxzim found his way to Magnutz and became his right hand man, left hand man, and personal demolition team. He’d be a dangerous opponent if only he could stop crying about everything! (This figure features big-muscle-action, angst, and emo haircut)


Every evil organization needs a killer robot and that's where the Robo-Killer comes in! Housed within its glass cranium is a radioactive brain that now controls the most advanced cybernetic body ever made. Of course it was an accident but Magnutz was quick to take advantage of this bloodied chaos machine and turn it to his own… advantage. The Robo-Killer feels no pain, it knows no mercy, and is programmed to seek out Brick Ninja and destroy him! And it doubles as a nightlight when its bedtime at the F.L.U.U.S.H. headquarters. (This figure features bendable bloody tentacles, razor sharp claws, and light-up radioactive brain)


You never know what to expect with Epiffynee, the F.L.U.U.S.H.’s master planner. Epiffynee was your average Joe until he was struck in the head by a dead pigeon while walking through central park. When he awoke in the hospital his mind was full of conflicting ideas that drove him to become a criminal disco dancing street mime ninja clown. His ideas are always outside the box when it comes to crime, it just takes a while for him to mime them to Magnutz and the rest of the team. Epiffynee also has the ability to project hallucinatory balls of thought to confuse his enemies and render them helpless against his bizarre ideas! (This figure comes with mime makeup, blue sword of doom, necklace, and fuzzy multi-colored balls)


What do you get when you cross an Orca with an unlucky FishWorld scientist? You get Shamu-Ron! Poor Ron was just doing his job of testing the blood of FishWorld’s famous killer whale when a bolt of lightning struck his lab, fusing its DNA with his. Ashamed to show his face in public and sporting really big hands, Shamu-Ron turned to a life of crime when Magnutz offered him a place in F.L.U.U.S.H. Shamu-Ron keeps his friends close and his bag of smelts closer, acting as the group’s aquatic spy and penguin-eating mascot. Just don’t step on his flippers! (This figure features sharp seal-impaling teeth, bag of smelts, and deep-sea swimming action)

Paboobooboo-a-boo The Ancient One

Cthulhu? Those giant floating squids in the Hellboy Movie? They’re sushi compared to Paboobooboo-a-boo…. Or so Magnutz thought when he discovered an ancient scroll during a museum heist. The scroll told of ten lost gems that would release a creature of unimaginable power upon the earth to do the bidding of the one who held those gems. Unfortunately the scroll was improperly translated and ‘The Ancient One’ was actually “The Lazy One”. Though he’s the most powerful member of the F.L.U.U.S.H., Paboobooboo-a-boo just lounges around the headquarters watching Full House reruns, drinking V8 all day, and letting everyone else do the dirty work. If Magnutz can ever get him to move, Brick Ninja could truly be in trouble! (This figure features bendable tentacles, ancient bandages, and stinky temple rot. You must collect all six figures in the Brick Ninja series to assemble it)

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