ToyFare #116 Custom Lion O (Thundercats)

Woo-hoo! Another custom of mine hits ToyFare, this time in issue #116. It's Lion O from the Thundercats! I was asked to create him without any particular artist style but true to the classic animation, kinda like the new He-man line. LionO was created from a ToyBiz Face-Off Sabretooth body, Mattel DCSH Superman Head, ToyBiz Series 10 Angel forearms/hands, and ToyBiz FF Super Skrull lower legs/feet. His mane of hair and leotard borders were sculpted with Aves Fixit Sculpt. The Sword of Omens were made from Moore Lady Death swords with resculpted hilts. LionO’s claw shield was made from a Sabretooth forearm and the paw from a Stan Winston’s Realm of the Claw figure sculpted together, along with some small rhinestones. A belt made from rubber craft foam with wire trim tops off LionO’s design and he’s been painted with Testors Fantasy Series paint. “Thunder! Thunder! THUNDERCATS HO!!”

*NOTE* I didn't choose this particular character to make, ToyFare did. I just put him together from the parts they supplied me and as they suggested. So if you've made a Lion O custom like this before with the same or similar combination of parts, pat yourself on the back! Credit goes out there to all the other customizers who have made this character, bravo!