ToyFare #114 'CUSTOMIZING 101' Featuring the Black Knight!

Wanna take a peek into the world of customizing? Hell, wanna take a step-by-step look at the entire process from start to finish? ToyFare #114 kicks off a new 'Customizing 101' feature with me, Jin Saotome, showing you how to make your very own custom Marvel Legends Black Knight. There's a list of what figures you'll need, what kind of paints, tools, it's all there. I had a blast making the guide and hope it helps all you customizers out there who want to create your own figures to enjoy!

*NOTE* I didn't choose the character to make for this guide, ToyFare did. I just put him together as they suggested and made the guide. So if you've made a Black Knight custom like this before with the same or similar combination of parts, pat yourself on the back! Credit goes out there to all the other customizers who have made this character, bravo!