Custom Dutch from the Movie Predator

Hey look, it’s California’s ‘Governator' Arnold! Well more accurately it’s Dutch from the movie Predator and my second commissioned piece by ToyFare, showing up in issue #121. Dutch was made primarily from a Deluxe Aggression Shawn Michaels body with SOTA Guile boots, air-strike Wolverine hands, and the McFarlane T3 with coffin head. Props to Maddog who pointed out the T3 w/coffin’s head was less battle damaged than the stand-alone version. I went over a couple different body types and finally settled on Shawn because the body type was buff, but not overly buff like Booker T’s and not too small like Guile’s.

Dutch’s vest was sculpted from black Apoxie Sculpt directly to the chest while allowing for the ab-crunch and staying as close as I could to the source material. There’s sculpting of the lower legs where the boots attach, some on the hands, and a little on the face to repair the battle-damage nicks were all that was needed. His flesh tone was a mix of Testors warm tint and Citadel’s Bronzed flesh, with a wash of ‘jungle scum’ to give him that down and dirty look. The camo print was painted on, some jungle scum given to his pants/boots, and wah-lah, one Dutch!