ToyFare #118, Custom Marvel Legends Black Bolt

ToyFare issue #118 is out and with it on page ten, my Black Bolt custom! This is a 'Civil War' Black Bolt with the modern bolts and design to his costume. He was basically made from a Havok body and Captain Marvel head. The wings are made from clear vinyl that you can buy at Wal mart's craft dept. I tailored them so they'd fold up behind BB's back when his arms were down and unfold when the arms were raised. Great thing about vinyl is that it paints and glues perfectly! Everything else was pretty simple, sculpting the bolts/cuffs on his costume with Apoxie sculpt, then taking off Capt Marvel's hair and resculpting the head. Then it came down to the tuning fork! I took thicker craft wire and bent it into the basic shape, then soldered-welded over that, then filed the fork down to its current shape where it's nice and thin yet strong.