Custom Kingdom Come BAT SENTRY, ToyFare #109

Hereís my very first commissioned piece from Wizardís ToyFare Magazine! Itís a Bat Sentry (or bat Knight) as seen in DCís awesome Kingdom Come series. Man this thing took a while to build, over a month if I remember correctly. The base body is a Marvel Legends series 10 BAF Sentinel and a Johnny Lightning 1950ís Batmobile diecast car kit. Everything else is various pieces from toys, figures, Home Depot parts, and other stuff. I have to thank Aves Studios for their wonderful products, both Apoxie Sculpt and Fixit were extensivly used in the creation of this and thereís no way I would have been able to make this Bat Sentry without them. It also weighs about 7 pounds because of all the Apoxie Sculpt I used, making it a really heft figure.

This figure is displayed in issue #109 of ToyFare Magazine, as part of a possible Build-A-Figure set of Mattelís DC Superheroes. Whether theyíll make it or not is of course speculation, but with the success of Marvel Legends BAF lines, youíd think they would. You can head on over to and check out their How It Was Made article for an indepth description of the process.

Here are the Work in progress pics of the Bat Sentry, in case you want to see it being built from start to finish. Thereís a lot too!

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