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Debbe Dunning in "Dangerous Curves"

I just wanted a place to publish my vidcaps of Debbe Dunning from this obscure movie called "Dangerous Curves." This was from the early part of her career, way back in 1988 -- long before she started starring in "Home Improvement."

Dangerous Curves

It's kinda hard to recognize Debbe in this first vidcap, but she's the one on the left-hand side.

Dangerous Curves Dangerous Curves

These other images are a lot clearer, and Debbe is a lot more recognizable. Debbe didn't have a speaking role in this movie, as was only identified as "Pageant Girl."

This seemed to be another one of those mindless, ho-hum teenage flicks. At least it wasn't vulgar, as far as I could tell. (Why do I sound uncertain? It's because it was really hard to pay attention to the movie--especially since I'm not one of those guys who just likes to watches movies just to ogle women in skimpy clothing.

Dangerous Curves Dangerous Curves

So how was the movie? Not very good, frankly. I couldn't even make it through the entire film. Maybe someday I'll actually watch it in its entirety. At least it provided an obscure appearance by an actress who hasn't really been in the public eye lately.

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