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About Courtney Thorne-Smith...

If I had to choose between Courteney Cox and Courtney Thorne-Smith, it'd be a tough choice. Courteney C. has piercing blue eyes and a positively stunning smile, whereas courtney T-S... well, she has perfect bone structure and an incredible smile as well. Courtney Thorne-Smith is an outstanding combination of acting talent, a fine figure and perfect facial features. A lot of actresses out there have talent, a great face or a stunning figure, but Courtney manages to combine all of these. Now, I don't know if she can sing or dance, but that would just complete the whole package.
These particular images were taken from the movie, Side Out, which was probably the perfect type of movie for Courtney in her early days. With her face, blonde mane and figure, she's pretty much the quintessential, healthy-looking beach volleyball gal. Now, some of these movies feature beach bimbos with ridiculous figures, but Courtney manages to have a healthy, even wholesome look about her... which made movies like this and Revenge of the Nerds II the perfect vehicles early in her career.
Of course, she did take on less wholesome roles as the years went on, just as Courteney cox did. (Okay, so Revenge of the Nerds II has some objectionable material in it, but still... despite a reference to toking marijuana, the character she portrayed was almost squeeky clean.) To be honest, that kind of disappointed me, as I think they both benefited from these youthful, wholesome molds. That certainly how I prefer to think of them, after all these years. Now she's in According to Jim, where for the most part, she's gone back to playing a wholesome character. Although this isn't a stellar show, I rather hope that she'll continue in that role. I honestly don't think that sex kitten roles suit her well, despite her great beauty and feminine curves. Besides, she has expressed disappointment in Hollywood's constant pressure for women to maintain reed-thin figures, and so I think this would be a suitable niche for Ms. Thorne-Smith.

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