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Installing full floating pistons on rods using spirolox

In this section we will be attaching the pistons to the rods using full floating pins and spirolox. On the instructions for the spirolox it says you should be able to twist the spirolox into place, but I could not get this method to work. So I came up with my own methods which I will share with you now.


You will need your pistons, pins, rods, four spirolox per assembly, assembly lube and a straight screwdriver. (Note: some pistons only require two spirolox per assembly)

Step One

Apply assembly lube to pin and distribute lube over entire pin. Also apply some lube to inside of small end of rod.

Step Two

Slide pin through piston and rod. (Note: If using single valve relief pistons see note at bottom of page)

Step Three

Stretch spiroloc 1/2 to 3/4 inch by pulling on each end.

Step Four

Place one end of spiroloc into groove and twist until it stops. While pushing the spiroloc down into the groove with the screwdriver on the leading edge, keep pressure on the opposite side with forefinger as shown above.

Step Five

Continue pushing down on spiroloc with screwdriver in a circular motion around spiroloc as shown in pictures below until all of spiroloc is in groove.

Step Six

This is what it will look like when finished.

Step Seven

Repeat steps one through six thirty-one more times (two lox per side per piston) and treat yourself to a cold one because you're gonna need it!


If using pistons with only one set of valve reliefs, make sure when piston is laying like picture 1 that bearing tabs (picture2) in big rod end are facing toward ceiling.

Pic 1

Pic 2