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Our store carries top quality Passamaquoddy tribe goods.    Some of the Passamaquoddy Jewelry is made of porcupine quills. 

Artists from the woodland tribes often use porcupine quills as decoration. Passamaquoddy bead workers incorporate quills into their earrings and necklace designs. MicMacs weave quills into birch bark containers and baskets.

Only found quills are used, so the porcupine is not disturbed in any way. After they are harvested, the quills are boiled for cleaning, sometimes dyed, sorted for size and marking, and cut for length before they can be strung.

Quills are hallow and fragile. Treat them gently and lay them flat, so they won't bend or tear.

Black, purple, misc colors Necklace.

Price: $20.00 PLU # 1146

This Necklace is designed and made by Janice Murphy a Passamaquoddy native.

Blue and White Necklace and Bracelet Set

Price: $55.00 PLU # 1146

Lavendar Quill Necklace and Earrings

Price: $40.00 PLU # 1146

Pink, Black, and White Necklace, Bracelet and Quill Earrings Set

Price: $50.00 PLU # 1132 This set is designed and made by Passamaquoddy Native Janice Murphy.

Pink and White Necklace

Price: $30.00 PLU # 1146

Purple and White Necklace

Price: $20.00 PLU # 1146 This necklace is made and designed by Janice Murphy, a Passamaquoddy native.

Red, White, and Blue Necklace

Price: $50.00 PLU # 1146

Quill Necklace

Price: $25.00 PLU # 1179 This necklace was made and designed by Sophie Paul, a Passamaquoddy native.

Quill Necklaces

Price: $25.00 each PLU # 1179 This necklace was made and designed by Sophie Paul, a Passamaquoddy native.


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