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  The Quoddy Wigwam Gift Shop


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     The Quoddy Wigwam Gift shop is located on Route 1 in Perry, Maine.  We carry many unique one of a kind merchandise.  Some of the products we have include:

     Maine made Quoddy Trail Moccasin Co. products.  These vary from moccasins and leather bags to leather belts.

     We also have numerous Native American goods.  Many of the products are made right down the road by the Passamaquoddy tribe.  We have baskets, dream catchers, beaded jewelry, and more!  We also carry Native American goods from other tribes like the Apache and the MicMac tribes.  See our Passamaquoddy and Native American goods pages  to see the various products.

     Our store also carries lots of jewelry.  We have everything from hand polished copper, turquoise, sterling silver, etc.

     As we are a gift shop we carry lots of Maine and the area's souvenirs.  We have clothing, mugs, knick-knacks, the list could go on and on.

    Wondering if we have anything for the kids?  Don't worry we didn't forget them.  We carry many different toys including, stuffed animals (such as: lobster, moose, bear, rabbit, etc.), toy cars, note pads, and other various items.  We also have Native American toy drums, head dress, etc. 

From time to time we have items that are on sale or have closeout prices. To view these please go to our closeout sale items page.

   As stated before, we are a very unique gift shop.   To contact us either stop by at our location, give us a call, email us, or just simply fill out the feedback form and let us know what you would like.

Telephone and Fax:
Mailing address:
1041 US Route 1, PO Box 129
Perry, Maine 04667 USA



 Store Hours:

Monday thru Saturday 10:00 a.m. -- 6:00 p.m.

Sunday                          12:00 p.m.  -- 6:00 p.m.



this is where the picture of the outside of the store would go






This is a picture of one end of  the inside of the store.  
This is a picture of the other end of  the inside of the store.  
      This is our bear and moose that we have on display at the store.    

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