Meditation Warehouse: Maven Melissa Leath Blows the Lid Off All Your Meditation Myths!

Let the Meditation Maven Blow the Lid of All Your Meditation Myths!

A warehouse traditionally is a place for storing things. And that's just what we've got...a storehouse of meditation information! Just take a look, and enjoy Meditation Warehouse.

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Rev. Melissa Leath

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    Classes and Workshops Offered by Melissa Leath

    Included on this page is a list of some of the classes and workshops that are available by Rev. Melissa Leath. They may be modified to suit the group as needed. Note that changes in content or timing may occur without notice.

    Be sure to check Events Page to see if any of these offerings has been scehduled.

    Call 937.323.5346 for any questions, or to pre-register for an event.

    Meditation Classes

    On-Going Class: This class is one that is popular with a certain group of people, who are dedicated to using meditation in their lives on a consistant basis and want to dedicate their time and energy to it. The class has a way of focusing their attention and keeping their interest.

    Attendance: Dedicated group of five to ten people. Can be offered on an evening or morning that is agreeable to all in the group. Limited to Adults

    Date: As Announced or Scheduled
    Time: 1+ Hour
    Cost: $20.00 each person for each class meeting.

    A Beginner's Guide: Five-Week Introduction Class. This class is available for beginning meditators and those who have difficulty in meditating. It is a class that includes benefits (physical, mental and spiritual) and a full range of experimental exercises to incorporate to find your best technique

  • Introduction and History
  • Benefits
  • Preparation
  • What to Expect
  • Different Types of Meditation
  • Plenty of class practice and exercises

    Attendence: Students, Co-workers, Couples, Families.

    Date: Summer 2009, or As Announced
    Time: 1 1/2 Hours each Class
    Investment: $100 for entire five-week course, or $25 each class per person.

    Private Classes: This is a series of four or five classes for individuals or a small group of two to four people. It is structured to the needs of the group or individual. Ranges from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.

    Date: As Scheduled Time: 1 Hour
    Investment: ($30 if individual session) $25 per person per class session, if in small group.

  • Meditation Workshops

    Stress Management and Meditation: This is an intensive class meant to accommodate a large interactive group.


  • Philosophy of Basic Meditation
  • Benefits and improvement of physical, mental and emotional areas
  • What Meditation Really Is: brain waves, relaxation, inner peace, healing space.
  • Behavior Changes: Calmness, improved emotional stamina, problem solving, coping skills.
  • Know When and How To Use Meditation in counseling and Healing Processes.
  • Incorporating Stress Management
  • Focusing Techniques
  • Guided Visualizations

    Who Should Attend: Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counselors for pastoral care, marriage/family, crisis intervention, rape crisis, death/grieving process, as well as other professionals and other interested parties.

    * Approval is pending by Ohio Board of Nursing (for Six Contact Hours). Further information about CNE approval status may be obtained by calling the sponsor of the program: 937.323.5346

    Date: Summer 2009, As Announced
    Time: 7 Hours in One Day, including lunch and breaks.
    Investment: $99.00

    Corporate Intensive:
    We would be happy to service your company and create a package that would benefit your employees, office administrators or board members. Call for information, timing and investment.

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