Meditation Maven Melissa Leath Blows the Lid Off All Your Meditation Myths!
Let the Meditation Maven Blow the Lid of All Your Meditation Myths!

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Article 8, Scientific/Metaphysical Point of View

"Scientific/Metaphysical Point of View," by Melissa Leath

There have been many people interested in Remote Viewing. And I am no different. About seven years ago, I was so interested that I was ready to sign up for an extended stay in Texas to be schooled in Remote Viewing by one of the original participants from the program at Ft. Meade, Maryland.

But it’s always great how divine purpose steers us into just the right place to find out what we want.

In 1998, I was exhibiting at a Whole Life Expo in Baltimore, Maryland. I had been a lecturer for that organization on beginning meditation and developing intuition and clairvoyance. The booth I had there was for giving intuitive consultations and it was right beside a young man who was giving remote viewing sessions.

We had a chance to exchange information all weekend, and observe each other doing our ‘thing.’ I asked as many questions about remote viewing as I could. He described it this way:

He said that remote viewing is a mental way of assisting a person in obtaining accurate and detailed information from distant locations and across time. It is controlled shifting of awareness that is performed in the normal waking state of consciousness.

Remote viewing uses the human nervous system as a tuning device that connects us to an underlying field of nature so that knowledge of all things is possible. It involves a set of procedures that allows a methodology in its use. Research shows the correct use of these procedures enables any individual to obtain information about a remote location with very good accuracy.

In the view of Courtney Brown, Ph.D., who started teaching remote viewing in 1996 and is founder of The Farsight Institute, which is a research and educational organization, “the ability to train someone to remote view constitutes positive proof of the existence of a nonphysical aspect for all humans (i.e., a soul), since in the absence of such an aspect, remote viewing would not be possible. Indeed, this discovery is perhaps the most important fact to emerge from the development of the modern remote viewing research program.”

This was beginning to sound very much like what I do as a medium. While learning to use my mediumistic ability, I was able to go to other places and tell what I saw. I have developed this ability to the point that I can go into the past to view events that have happened to other people, look at things as they are unfolding now and see different scenarios for future events, as well. I have found a stolen car within 15 minutes and located a missing teenager, who died during a raging storm.

Most people think that mediums only see and talk to those who have passed away. But, depending on how the medium is trained and has experienced their ability, they may be able to communicate with energy—spiritual energy. We know that all things (animate or inanimate) are energetic forms. I can, as a medium, tap into the energy of different objects. Therefore, I can receive information from living people as well as those who are deceased.

After spending the weekend at the expo talking at length with this young remote viewer and sharing our ideas, we each realized that we were doing basically the same thing---only going about it and describing it differently. The difference, of course is what makes the world go around. We all are different and we all understand things differently.

The remote viewing program is a very scientific view of how the world works. It explains the technique and is taught in a specific manner. The person embracing remote viewing expects that there are certain rules and results—he trusts the process.

On the other hand, the medium needs no proof or specific technique to follow, other than the one he has become aware of intuitively. He trusts the point of concern. It is the end result that is important, not the process.

And so, this strongly shows the point that science and metaphysics have everything in common. It only differs from the point of view. One requires substance, the other does not. One requires third dimensional proof the other allows unworldly testament.

Melissa Leath is a meditation teacher, personal growth counselor and author. For more information about meditation go to her website: *Meditation Warehouse*; for a downloadable e-book, please check out Meditation Made Easy, and for a FREE Spiritual e-Newsletter, go to: 123 Spiritual Growth

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