Meditation Maven Melissa Leath Blows the Lid Off All Your Meditation Myths!
Let the Meditation Maven Blow the Lid of All Your Meditation Myths!

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Article 4: Release and Let Go

Release and Let Go, by Melissa Leath

All of us become angry and upset during the day. Certain situations almost lend themselves to hostility, resentment and emotional upset. Holding onto anger, fear and hatred can be a very dangerous thing to do. There are ways of seeing and correcting it before any damage is done. It's all right to feel experiences, and learn from them. Then they must be released.


After much investigation, questioning, and communing with Spirit, I have come to understand that society has misunderstood the meaning of two words. The majority of people believe that 'feelings' and 'emotions' are the same thing. I believe that they are different. A 'feeling' is a sensed action to a life experience. It is a totally honest response. It is something that is meant to be realized, or acknowledged, through our physical existence. Perhaps, it is even an awakening to understand a situation much more deeply.

Feelings should never be denied. They need to be experienced, looked at, worked through and released. Feelings are experienced through the lower half of the body---in the areas of what is called the physical, emotional and mental centers (chakras). This area represents and controls the third dimensional aspect of our whole being. The second chakra is actually called the seat of the emotional body, with its contents being: feelings. Hence, 'emotional body' actually should be called 'feeling body', in reference to the physical portion of our being.

'Emotion,' on the other hand, is something much different. And for lack of a better understanding, we accepted emotion and feeling as one meaning.

The heart chakra, being the next level beyond third dimensional existence, is the first chakra of the astral body. It actually cushions or bridges the material and spiritual worlds. According to Rosalyn Bruyere, in her book, Wheels of Light, A Study of Chakras, the heart contains 'second feelings', which are quite often different than the first. Also, it contains transformation. So I believe that this heart area of our astral body, which connects the physical and spiritual realms, gives us a second chance to look through the eyes of the Creator, with love for the Universe.

And so I will say that, in my undertanding, the only true emotion in this life is that of Love. The Universe created the Spirit through pure love. And that is the only driving force of life---Love. There is no such thing as 'unconditional hate' or 'unconditional envy.' All prophets and great spiritual leaders spoke of love. When a small child is asked about God,, he will say, 'God is Love.'

The heart has long been the symbol of love. But it is more than a feeling for our parents or spouse. It also includes joy, ecstasy, compassion, happiness, satisfaction and honor. These are all cousins of love.

We are all part of the Whole of the Universe. Because the Universe is always growing, expanding and becoming All It Can Be, spirit beings in human form (us) are set into place to share life experience with the Universe. The Creator can not experience life on Earth as a physical form in any other way. We are that extension of Mother-Father God.

The human experience is connected to the Creator by a pure silver cord of love. This is the only way life experiences can be directed back to the Universe---through love. It's the only language that Spirit understands. The love emotion is the only way to put all earth experiences and feelings into correct perspective. Whenever we experience life actions, those feelings need to be pulled up into the heart, seen through love, and released.

Love helps put eveything in order. It softens the feeling and the degree of intensity. The Univeral Creator then easily assists in resolving the situation. Through love, there is surrendering and allowing God to have it. All obstacles seem to move out of the way. The resolution appears.


There are many people who do not know how to regulate feelings through the heart. Sadly, society has used misdirected emotional issues to control feelings. The only gain this can bring is division and manipulation. As a result, many children are raised, in an unfeeling atmosphere, laced with only fear, anger, intimidation or unworthiness, by many aspects of our society. When these feelings are not experienced with love, but encouraged to become emotional, they are pulled too close to the physical body and it becomes manifested as dis-ease.

Feelings are a natural response to the situations in our lives. It's normal to be angry about someone pulling their car out in front of you. But when that anger is allowed to build up, then it becomes emotional. It becomes more difficult to think about it rationally. Soon, rude remarks and judgment cloud the real issue. Negativity is added, and the result of action is lost or hidden behind emotional energy.

That emotional energy begins to control the mental, spiritual, and sooner or later, the physical bodies. A large portion of the population is living life through the emotional energy of feelings. Never allowing the element of love to filter that feeling into the proper place. The mind is not able to make rational decisions, the body may become sick due to dis-ease and the spirit actually is suppressed by muddy auras and unaligned chakras.

After many years of this abuse of human feelings, your body, mind and spirit suffer greatly. You must tend to the physical by activating holistic practices; the mind has trouble functioning and needs psychological self-help groups to muddle through to the root causes; and, the spirit needs much body work to rectify all the damage. There is a much better solution: prevention.


The best way to deal with any negative problem is to let the situation just go on by----after the result of action is felt. If it builds up, then the emotions get in the way. Action is not possible, only re-action. That's losing control. It gives power to the emotion.

There are several ways to release the emotions that may be ruling you or be used to put the feeling in the proper place. These emotional cleansings can be facilitated by creative visualization. Eventually, the negative emotions can be eliminated from life experience.

***Relax and close your eyes. Imagine you are sitting on a beach. The waves are rolling in, washing over you and then rolling back to sea. As each wave comes to you, see it as a certain upsetting situation you have experienced recently. The situation washes over you. Acknowledge it, and release it as you see the water go back to the sea. You may have to do this several times until you are able to really visualize it. Continue experiencing it over again until you really feel you are able to release it.

***Another visualization you may want to try is this: As you hash over a frustrating day, play a special selection of music. Make sure that the tone or rhythm of the music fits the frustration. Start feeling the situation and allow the vibrations of the music to drift the feeling into the 'feeling' body. When the music ends, know that the frustration is released. Every time you think of the frustration, play the music and allow it to take the feeling to the correct level. After a period of time, you will reprogram the placement of that feeling.

***Visualize a cleansing by blowing it into perspective. Bring back the feeling into your vision. As you think of the pain, take a big breath through your nose into the lower abdomen. Hold the breath and the feeling in your solar plexis for a moment. Then blow the air and the feeling out of your solar plexis, straight out into the 'feeling' body. There it can commune with the heart and astral body, to evaluate and deal with it.

***You may also use the Pink Bubble of Love. Simply see the person or situation that affects you and blow a pink bubble-gum bubble around that person. Just seeing pink all around the person is a way of seeing love all around them. When there is love, there can only be harmony. All is seen in better detail and understanding.

The best time to do each exercise is just as the situation happens. But if your day is too busy and hectic, then be sure to take 10 minutes out at the end of the day. Do the Emotional Cleansing Techniques with all honesty. Go through the entire day's events and clear all emotional upset from them.

The major result of this will be that you will take control of your life again. And your mind, body and spirit will find new life and vigor.

2000, Melissa Leath

Melissa Leath is the Meditation Maven, Personal Growth Counselor and Author. For a Spirituality Newsletter go to: 123 Spiritual Growth. For a Free Mini-Course in Meditation, just click on: Meditation Made Easy, and for free content on your website or e-zine, check out *Meditation Warehouse*

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