Meditation Maven Melissa Leath Blows the Lid Off All Your Meditation Myths!
Let the Meditation Maven Blow the Lid of All Your Meditation Myths!

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Article 3: Emotional Truth About Life

"Emotional Truth About Life" by Rev. Melissa Leath

Being a spiritual/Metaphysical counselor for many years, I get many questions about energy. Most of the time it is about someone or a situation that is 'negative' in nature. A client will ask if her boyfriend has negative energy. Or if the job they have is a negative influence on them, because bad things keep happening to them.

But I have found over the many years I've been in this work, that no one or thing is negative. Energy is energy. It is how we perceive it, through our belief system, making it negative or positive.

The whole idea of energy and frequency and vibration can be complicated---if you let it. So let's look at it in a simplistic view.

Vibration and Frequency

Divine Source created All of Life, the whole of the universe. It was manifested through perfection. So all atoms are created (manifested) as perfection. No matter what is made with them, they must, by logic, be perfect. If we look to science for an explanation of matter, then we can see that everything has vibrational frequency according to its nature. It all is made up of molecules and atoms.

These atoms vibrate at different rates, and therefore produce different things: the human body, a tree, jello, a computer, the kitchen sink, or living room wall. All of these are made out of atoms. They all vibrate at different rates, making it jello or a wall. It all depends on the rate of vibration as to how dense or solid that object is.

No matter what it is, the vibration is perfect for what it is. So it goes with the way we look at a situation, person or thing. If you believe that situation to be good then that's how you'll experience it. If the person you meet, you see as negative, then that's how you'll think of them.

Look at the Perfection

I always encourage clients and workshop attendees to view the person or situation as originating in perfection. Then, imagine how that situation may have gotten to the place of perceived disaster. What could have happened to the person they were thinking of to make them seem so negative? What circumstances must have they experienced, and what things must have been said to them as a young child, that could create such a mass of misery?

If we can get past the misery that is covering their God light, then we can remember how perfect that person really is.

That's the part that can be loved. That's the God.

And that is all we are required to love. The part of them that is in misery, does not have to be addressed. And by not paying attention to it, it actually does not exist.

We, also, are covered by the result of thinking. The way we re-act to circumstances through out our lives, clouds our aura. It confuses the way we look at life and the way life sees us.

In my understanding, the only true emotion in this life is that of love. The Universe created the Spirit through pure love. And that is the only driving force of life---love. There is no such thing as 'unconditional hate', or 'unconditional envy'. All the prophets and great spiritual leaders spoke of love. When a small child is asked about God, he will say, "God is Love."

The heart has long been the symbol of love. But it is more than a feeling for our parents or spouse. It also includes joy, ecstasy, compassion, happiness, satisfaction and honor. These are all cousins of love.

The heart chakra, being the next level beyond third dimensional existence, is the first chakra of the astral body. It actually cushions or bridges the material and spiritual worlds. According to Rosalyn Bruyere, in her book, Wheels of Light, A Study of Chakras, the heart contains 'second feelings', which are quite different than the first. Also, it contains transformation.

I believe that this heart area of our astral body, which connects the physical and spiritual realms, gives us a second chance to look at the action to life experiences. Now we can look through the eyes of the Creator, with love for the Universe.

We are all part of the Whole of the Universe. Since the Universe is always growing, expanding and becoming All It Can Be, spirit beings in human form are set into a place to share their life experience with the Universe. The Universal Creator cannot experience life on Earth as a physical form in any other way. We are that extension of Mother-Father God.

Keep It at Arms Length

The human experience is connected to the Creator by a pure silver cord of love. This is the only way life experiences can be directed back to the Universe---through love. It's the only language that Spirit understands. The love emotion is the only way to put all earth experiences and feelings into correct perspective. Whenever we experience life actions, those feelings need to be pulled up into the heart. We can then put the feeling at arms length, seeing it in a different perspective through love, and release it.

Love helps put everything in order. It softens the feeling and the degree of intensity. The Universal Creator then easily assists in resolving the situation. Through love, there is surrendering and allowing God to have it. All obstacles seem to move out of the way. The re'soul'ution appears.

Once it is explained in this manner, it almost seems too simplistic to be true. This heart-bridge information on feelings and emotion is the natural way of experiencing life and dealing with actions. Life can be that simple.

We are realizing that we are all go-betweens, existing here (in the third dimension), and there (in the spiritual dimension), trapped in the physical body. Now it is our goal to learn how to operate in this manner and know that we are spiritual, blending our energies in the secular. We recognize that we are the centralized component; the center; the heart of the matter; in between.

Everything we thought we knew---is no more. Logical thinking flies out the door. There is no Reason. It's not even ground breaking circumstances, for there is no ground. The ground work has already been done. Next is the water: flowing and buoyant.

Flowing water clears any rubble or dirt from its self. Just by the act of flowing, the water keeps the energy moving and always changing. The buoyancy of the water allows us to always have our heads up and be in awareness. Effortlessly floating, allowing the water to take us where we really must be.

The last millennium was the sign of the Fish. The Piscean age was letting go of old paradigm thinking and beliefs. It gave us a chance to finalize or complete life situations that we were not happy with, or were not serving us well.

Now we can enter into the Aquarian Age with no baggage. We only need our true selves and the faith it takes for that running leap into the water! That is what going in to the 21st century is all about. Taking that leap into the unknown----the Lake of True Knowledge and Wisdom.

Question everything you have ever believed.


Melissa Leath is the Meditation Maven, Personal Growth Counselor, and author of ,"THE GO-BETWEEN, Bridging the Gap" and "Meditation, Plain and Simple Workbook" For a free spirituality newsletter go to her website: 123 Spiritual Growth For all the information you could possibly want, including a free mini-course, go to: Meditation Made Easy and *Meditation Warehouse*

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