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Leng! is a magazine devoted exclusively to the wonder that is the Cthulhu Mythos. Originally developed by writer H. P. Lovecraft, the mythos was a series of semi-connected stories that dealt with an outer race of beings who had existed on Earth aeons ago and disappeared. Did they leave willingly? Were they expelled by another, more powerful race? Or are they simply asleep, waiting for the stars to be right to return to Earth again and burn it clean? Read some of the stories here and find out! Lovecraft encouraged other writers to play with his concept and join in the fun. Now, decades later, writers still delight in writing new Mythos stories and adding their own little piece to the Mythos puzzle.

Leng! also features news and reviews of products, books, comics, etc. of interest to the Mythos fan in general and the Lovecraft reader in particular. Each issue contains new fiction alongs with articles, news, reviews and columns. The Mythos is one of Lovecraft's most enduring creations so come and join us as we explore these shadowy places of the universe!

Leng! is published four times a year and the first issue is scheduled to appear in May of this year. Watch this site for more news as it develops.

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